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At Just Cruise & Vacations, we don’t call our team “Travel Agents,” we call ourselves “Escape Artists.”

Just for fun, we looked up the name escape artist:

es cape  art ist

  1. an entertainer who specializes in freeing himself or herself from confinement.
  2. Somebody who is skilled at getting out of difficulties or very dangerous or compromising conditions

Also called escapologist

The title “Escape Artist” fits our team perfectly. The definition describes our skills at providing blueprints to escape from everyday confinements. That is what we do.

Since we are travel people, let us provide you with a blueprint for your escape.

As we connect, we know you are ready for something special. We know it’s time to get away and change the routine, to stretch yourself, to explore new parts of the world that you may have not seen...yet. It’s time to relax and enjoy yourself, wherever your travels take you.

This is where our Experienced Escape Artists can be of value to you. We know how to make this happen. We will ask you questions   and listen closely. We want to understand your likes and dislikes, your “travel style.”  We will help take your stress out your planning, by sorting out the details, and finding the best arrangements for you. We will even ask you what you will be most excited about upon your return home!

We book cruises, land vacations and offer a full range of travel services all over the world. We have destination and product specialists who are well traveled themselves, offering expert, friendly service for over 25 years

If you are currently one of our wonderful clients, we would like to thank you for the trust and confidence that you have shown in us. Thank you for sharing your travel experiences, stories, memories, and photos! Thank you for your telling your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers about us.  You’re referrals are critical to our success and priceless to us!

Our goal is to be your personal “Escape Artist” whenever you are ready for a vacation. We truly enjoy helping you find your Ideal Vacation. 

We invite you to call, email, or stop in to see us anytime.

We’d love to “talk travel” with you!

Matt Cervone, CEO
Chief Escape Officer

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