At JCV World Travel, we know that you want to be ecstatic over an amazing vacation experience before, during and after your trip.

In order to do that, you need to get the planning right from the very start.  

THE PROBLEM is the overwhelming feeling that occurs when you plan on your own.  We believe that your time is precious, and you shouldn’t waste hard earned vacation time, money and resources on a trip that is less than desirable. 

MYTH:  I can book my travel cheaper online or on my own. 

TRUTH:  By working with a Travel Advisor, we have the ability to pass along industry saving directly to you.  Our secret weapon?  Strong supplier connections in addition to the industry’s most powerful tools on our side.  Because of this, we have the ability to find you exclusive rates, track your vacation allowing us to make sure you are getting the best rate (even after you book) and . We guarantee to pass along those lower rates and bonus amenities and many times our prices are far less than booking online.  Plus, you have peace of mind knowing someone is looking after the details. 

We understand because we want you to have an incredible vacation experience from the moment you begin to plan.  You should feel confident knowing that your hard earned vacation time and money is spent on the right choice for you.  Our belief, over the past 35 years, has helped us serve thousands of travelers a year find the perfect vacation for them. 

MYTH:  I am better off going directly to an airline, hotel, cruise line or tour operator to book my trip. 

TRUTH:   Let’s face it, we are in a world where there is a corporate sponsor for everything and working directly with a supplier can make them bias of their own product.  By working with your Travel Advisor, the goal is to get to know you and your travel preferences.  We are your last line of objectivity.  Thus, there is no objectivity when you are in direct contact with a cruise line, tour operator, airline or hotel. They are interested in selling only their product or service, even though there maybe a better product or itinerary for you.  Ultimately, our Travel Advisors are trained to guide you to the right cruise line, tour operator, itinerary, excursion, etc. that best fits your travel style, experience, and budget.

So, contact us today to get your trip started. 

In the meantime, fill out our travel preference survey to identify your vacation style.  We want to guide you so that you can stop wasting time searching for the perfect vacation and instead enjoy amazing travel experiences that builds stronger relationships, memories with loved ones, and gain total enrichment to your life.  

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